Please feel free to contact our BestMixer support service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with any question you may have.

E-mail: [email protected]

Probably, you are expecting to see a link to a website with a '.org.' extension, a company's registration number, an address to an office, a date of registration, the company's jurisdiction, a list of our team, and so on.

In case that is what you're expecting, and if you're disheartened to find that there is no such information for BestMixer, please keep the following in mind: In order to continue providing you with the greatest amount of anonymity available in the cryptocurrency space, we need to preserve our anonymity as well.

How often does the government change laws? How often do different countries change their views on the regulation of Bitcoin, blockchain, ICOs, and on their responsibilities to the crypto economy? Very often. In fact, policies and views shift often enough that it is almost impossible to keep track. As we see changes sweep the way blockchains are regulated and dealt by varying jurisdictions, both favorable and unfavorable regulations have an equal chance of coming forward. Due to this uncertainty, we must assume the worst case scenario which includes regulations that are hostile toward the anonymous, independent premise of the blockchain.

At BestMixer, our team believes that the anonymity, confidentiality, and security of every transaction are of the utmost importance, regardless of where those transactions take place. Hence our company is not registered in any jurisdiction at the moment.

We want to be free on the Internet. All of our rights and obligations are based on the principles of crypto-democracy which we have to form together with you.

We believe that a company such as ours, if it were to become registered, would be legislated against and vulnerable to fictitious compromise. The loss of a service like BestMixer is ultimately a loss to the entire crypto community, and to you, the client. Without registration, we can continue our mission of upholding the highest values of crypto-democracy which include anonymity.

Owing to blockchain technology which ensures trust between us and the client without the need for any third party intervention or mediating government agency, we ultimately have no need of registering in the pursuit of keeping anonymity and freedom alive on the internet.

And, most importantly, since our service is completely anonymous and we are answerable to no one but the client whom we serve, we will do whatever is necessary to keep the confidentiality of every transaction regardless of where in the world they originate from or what the government policies in those countries may be.