Why should I mix my coins?

Cryptocurrencies are thought to be anonymous currency by the majority of users who own them, but that isn't the case. Despite being a revolutionary way to send and receive value without a third party financial institution in the middle, cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous at best.

Sending and receiving coins over a blockchain network such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin is done by activating a wallet that is associated with a public key address. The public key address becomes your identity on that particular blockchain, meaning any activity associated with it (sending or receiving coins, participating in ICO's, and so on) is permanently recorded to the blockchain.

The trouble with this arrangement is as follows: Let's suppose you decide to buy Bitcoin using Coinbase. In order to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase, you're required to verify your personal information including name, address, and bank account as part of standard KYC and AML practices. After making the purchase, you decide to send your coins from the Coinbase wallet to your personal wallet. In this way, a permanent link has been made between your real identity and your Bitcoin wallet, meaning your financial activity can easily be compromised and linked to your actual identity by anyone motivated enough to pry into your business.

A situation as seemingly innocent as purchasing physical goods with cryptocurrency also means you'll need to create a link between your cryptocurrency wallet and your delivery address and name. How then can one experience the financial freedom afforded by cryptocurrencies without compromising on anonymity?

The answer to that question can be found in BestMixer's mixing technology. BestMixer uses pools made up of varying degrees of anonymous coins to mix your coins, ensuring that the coins you receive are untraceable.

Emerging blockchain analysis techniques are becoming more sophisticated by the day, making it easier for government agencies to decipher who owns what on the blockchain. BestMixer defends against these forms of analyses by sending coins to your wallet which are composed of incredibly small bits of coins from different sources, thus scrambling your coins' origins forever and giving you the absolute anonymity and freedom you deserve.