What is our service fee?

Cryptocurrency Min service fee + Max miner fees for each receiving address *
Bitcoin 1% 0.00025661 BTC
Litecoin 3% 0.01161421 LTC
Bitcoin Cash 3% 0.00307938 BCH
To prevent blockchain analysis based on minimal fee amounts, a floating miner's fee for transaction processing is being used instead.

During your first order you will be assigned a unique code that entitles you to a BestMixer membership discount. This discount is automatically calculated depending on the volume of your operations. After each subsequent mixing operation, your discount will increase proportionally and automatically according to the table below:

Mixed coins amount ** Discount Min service fee BTC / LTC / BCH
0.1 – 1 10% 0.9% / 2.7% / 2.7%
1 – 10 20% 0.8% / 2.4% / 2.4%
10 – 50 30% 0.7% / 2.1% / 2.1%
50 – 100 40% 0.6% / 1.8% / 1.8%
100+ 50% 0.5% / 1.5% / 1.5%
* Miner's fees are a financial reward that encourages miners to confirm transactions in the cryptocurrency network. Please note that the miner's fee is not charged by BestMixer, but is instead charged by the cryptocurrency network. Because the work done by miners is ultimately what secures the network and pushes transactions from one place to another, the fee paid to them is meant to cover the work and make the network financially autonomous. Exactly how much the miner's fee will be at any given moment depends on network congestion.

** The discounts differ depending on the chosen cryptocurrency. For example, if you mix 0.1 BTC with BestMixer bitcoin mixer, you will get a 10% discount on the next BTC mix, but not on for mixing a coin other than BTC. Hence, to get a 10% discount on mixing using LTC you'll need to mix the minimal amount of of LTC coins specified in the table above.